BFF or NRF Friendship Truth #6

In BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends)? A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships, I share nine “friendship truths.” These truths help preteens and teens (and adults) navigate relationships with more social awareness. I’m diving into the Friendship Truths in this series of posts. Here are the posts about Friendship Truths #1, #2,  #3, #4, andContinue reading “BFF or NRF Friendship Truth #6”

Three Truths About Kids’ Friendships

Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, friendship gets tricky sometimes. This article shares three friendship truths to guide kids as they head back to school. Our social lives are constantly evolving, especially during childhood and adolescence. Some changes are positive, like making new friends. Others are hard, such as dealing with conflict, betrayal,Continue reading “Three Truths About Kids’ Friendships”

Three Parent Phrases to Avoid If You Want to Connect With Your Kids

Words matter. This post shares parent phrases to avoid and what to say instead to connect and foster well-being in kids and teens.