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Jessica Speer regularly contributes to news media outlets on topics related to kids, teens, parenting, friendship, and social-emotional learning. To schedule an interview or connect, CLICK HERE.

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Jessica Speer is the highly acclaimed author of books for kids and teens, including the forthcoming, The Phone Book - Stay Safe, Be Smart and Make the World Better with the Powerful Device in Your Hand (Releasing Summer 2023). Her first book, BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends), was a finalist for the 2022 Kids Choice Book Awards. Blending science, stories, humor, and fun activities, her writing unpacks tricky stuff that surfaces during childhood and adolescence.

She has a Master's Degree in Social Sciences and a knack for writing about complex topics in ways that connect with kids. Jessica regularly contributes to media outlets on content related to kids, parenting, friendship, and social-emotional learning. For more information, visit

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