School, Library & Community Visits by Author Jessica Speer

Jessica Speer’s author visits to schools, libraries, and community groups cater to students as well as parents and educators. Like her books, her presentations are fun, interactive, and packed with helpful information.  To inquire about or to schedule an author visit, contact Sarah DeVore at How Now Booking.

Author Visit Presentations

Recent Visits

  • STEM Middle School
  • Mountain Montessori Elementary School
  • Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators Letter & Lines Conference (Rocky Mountain Chapter)
  • Tri-State Library Conference
  • Colorado Teen Literary Festival
  • Louisville Book Festival

For Elementary School Students

FIve Friendship Truths & How to be a Friendship STAR: Jessica Speer’s award-winning book, BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends), grew out of a school-based friendship program. This interactive presentation explores the Friendship Pyramid, five Friendship Truths, and how to be a good friend to others and yourself.

Let’s Talk About Friendship: Let’s face it, friendships can sometimes be challenging. This interactive presentation tackles friendship struggles head-on, leaving students informed and empowered as they navigate the tricky world of preteen friendships. Topics include the qualities of friendship, speaking up to connect and problem solve, the “Friendship Pyramid,” “Friendship Truths,” and how to be a good friend.

For Middle School Students

Middle School – Safety Goggles Advised: Slip on your lab coats because Jessica Speer dives deep into tricky stuff like drama, gossip, crushes, and more. With humor, choose-your-own-adventure stories, a dash of science, and insights from students, she explores the halls of middle school. In this interactive presentation, Speer shares the top ten things students identified as the trickiest things about school. Then, some of these topics are dissected to explain what is really going on beneath the surface. Get ready to laugh, learn and take your understanding of middle school to a whole new level.

For Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers

Navigating the Preteen Years – How to Support Kids Through the Ups and Downs of Early Adolescence: Middle school is an exciting time filled with ups and downs for kids and families. Join author Jessica Speer to learn what is happening developmentally during early adolescence, what to expect during the middle school years, and how to help students navigate this time of change. In this session, Speer shares what she learned from students while researching her latest book, Middle School – Safety Goggles Advised and how to support kids through the ups and downs of this phase.

Understanding Kids Social Worlds: To say a lot is going on socially and emotionally during the preteen years is an understatement. This is a phase of BIG changes in growth and development. This presentation shares what is happening developmentally during adolescence and why these changes impact preteens’ and teens’ social worlds. Jessica also shares how parents and caregivers can support kids through this phase. Presentation followed by Q&A.

For Conferences, Keynotes, and Book Related Events

What Exactly is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and What is Fueling This Book Trend? Books with a social-emotional learning (SEL) focus have soared as this generation of kids and teens navigate how to interact and cope in a changing and sometimes frightening world. This informative session will define SEL and explore a variety of techniques used to engage readers. Author Jessica Speer will share examples from picture books, middle-grade and YA novels to show the range of ways authors and illustrators delve into social-emotional topics.