The Friendship Pyramid

The definition of the word “friend” varies from person to person. Maybe it describes the people you spend time with or go to for support. To some, it describes classmates, teammates, or neighbors. To others, it’s all of the above.  To add more complexity, people have different expectations and needs in friendship. This ambiguity makesContinue reading “The Friendship Pyramid”

Three Truths About Kids’ Friendships

Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, friendship gets tricky sometimes. This article shares three friendship truths to guide kids as they head back to school. Our social lives are constantly evolving, especially during childhood and adolescence. Some changes are positive, like making new friends. Others are hard, such as dealing with conflict, betrayal,Continue reading “Three Truths About Kids’ Friendships”

Where Do I Fit? Big Questions Adolescent Girls Navigate

What is it about adolescence that intensifies social changes and struggles, especially for girls? The answer lies in some big questions girls navigate during this phase.

Three Parent Phrases to Avoid If You Want to Connect With Your Kids

Words matter. This post shares parent phrases to avoid and what to say instead to connect and foster well-being in kids and teens.