Social/Emotional Kids Activities (FREE)

Social/Emotional activities and experiences help kids develop skills to better understand their world and connect with others. These downloadable activities open the door for conversations about emotions, conflict resolution, self-care as well as friendship.


Snitching vs. Reporting – Helping Kids Understand the Difference to Keep Themselves and Others Safe

By middle school, snitching has become socially unacceptable. Because of this stigma, older students may be afraid to report real trouble. Fear of being seen as a snitch peaks just as dangerous and inappropriate behaviors (bullying, sexual harassment, and threats of violence) are on the rise…

A Mantra for Tweens and Teens: Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Imagine being a tween or teenager today. You easily see how many social media followers, friends and post likes you have compared to others. You scroll your feed and see your friends enjoying a party you weren’t invited to. Every day you’re bombarded with selfies and images that are edited to perfection.
It takes Herculean inner-strength not to constantly compare yourself to others!

The Yoda Way to Guide Kids through Friendship Struggles

As parents, it’s extremely hard to see our kids struggle. We want to alleviate their pain and solve problems, so we jump right in and offer quick solutions. But often, our efforts only make US feel better. And we miss the opportunity to help our kids navigate their emotions, feel heard and develop healthy relational skills.
So how do we guide kids through friendship struggles – the Yoda way?

Belonging Vs. Fitting-In at School…and at Home

The past few months, I’ve been spending time in classrooms doing research for my new book. I’m exploring the “weird stuff” that happens in middle school. I’ve asked over 100 tweens and teens, what should be included in this book and the responses have been powerful. The most frequently shared response is….JUDGEMENT. Not surprisingly, judgmentContinue reading “Belonging Vs. Fitting-In at School…and at Home”

Mean or Bullying Behavior? Helping Kids Understand the Difference

I’ve found that many kids have a hard time differentiating between bullying and mean behavior. Understanding this difference helps kids know how to navigate each situation…

The Value of Boy-Girl Friendships

As my daughters have progressed through elementary school and into middle school, it’s been interesting to observe the changing social norms of boy-girl friendships.

Some years, these friendships were natural. Boys were invited to birthday parties and over to play. Other years, that was no longer okay. Invite lists included only girls, school lunch tables were mostly divided by gender as were games on recess.

Mean Girl Behavior Isn’t Just a Girl Thing – How to Help Boys Manage Toxic Relationships

Mean girl behavior, or relational aggression, isn’t just a girl thing. Boys also experience these painful social interactions and may not even realize it’s a form of bullying.

Five Hidden Friendship Truths that Confuse Kids (and Adults too)

Friendships can be confusing, especially for kids. Given the wide range of social skills in a single classroom, it’s no wonder that friendship struggles regularly unfold. In my work with kids, I like to explore the hidden truths of friendship. As I share these truths, I always feel a collective sense of relief in theContinue reading “Five Hidden Friendship Truths that Confuse Kids (and Adults too)”