BFF OR NRF FRIENDSHIP TRUTH #1: Our Healthiest Friendships Feel Safe and Accepting

During the research phase of writing BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends)? A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships, I honed in on “friendship truths” that are common yet unfamiliar to many. Truths such as “everyone develops friendship skills at a different pace” and “mistakes happen” are simple but easy to forget, especially during times ofContinue reading “BFF OR NRF FRIENDSHIP TRUTH #1: Our Healthiest Friendships Feel Safe and Accepting”

What if my daughter doesn’t want to be friends with someone?

What if your daughter prefers not to be friends with someone? How do parents encourage their kids to be kind while also helping them respond to their own needs?

Three Truths About Kids’ Friendships

Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, friendship gets tricky sometimes. This article shares three friendship truths to guide kids as they head back to school. Our social lives are constantly evolving, especially during childhood and adolescence. Some changes are positive, like making new friends. Others are hard, such as dealing with conflict, betrayal,Continue reading “Three Truths About Kids’ Friendships”

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What is it about adolescence that intensifies social changes and struggles, especially for girls? The answer lies in some big questions girls navigate during this phase.

3 Steps to Navigate Family Conflict More Peacefully

Family conflict and arguments are inevitable. Differing needs and expectations create friction. These three steps will transform arguments in your home.