The Power of Appreciation (The Surprising Effect of My Valentine’s Texts)

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I have to admit, I didn’t fully realize the power of appreciation until last February.

This year, I decided to do something different for Valentine’s Day. Instead of the usual box of chocolates or small gifts for my daughters (ages 11 and 13) and husband, I sent them each a daily text for the two weeks leading up to February 14. These texts simply shared something I love or appreciate about them.

On February 1, I started.

I shared qualities I love, appreciations, and little things that I may have never mentioned. I found quiet moments while waiting in line, parked for school pick-up, or before bed to send these messages. Nothing fancy, just a heartfelt sentence or two.

What Happened?

I immediately noticed that my mood brightened, and my heart filled with gratitude each time I paused and spent a few moments sending love.

Not only that, these texts had another surprising effect. My daughters and husband LOVED receiving them, and their moods brightened as well.

When we ramp up our statements of gratitude and appreciation for others, the positive effect is powerful and immediate.

The Power of Appreciation

My Valentine’s texts were clear reminders of the power of appreciation. When I take time to spread love, it expands my heart and touches the hearts of others.  Simply put, what I focus on, expands. And I can think of nothing better to focus on than sharing more love.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
— Rumi

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