The Powerful Health Benefits of a Hug

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Did you know that hugs have health benefits? In addition to feeling good, hugs provide a surprising list of benefits, including:

Health Benifits of Hugs:

As social beings, humans share the innate need to feel a sense of belonging and social support. Hugs are especially important for the healthy emotional and physical development of kids. In the Parenting for Brain article titled, 7 Amazing Benefits of Hugging, the authors share the following additional health benefits of hugs for kids:

1. Hugs Help Kids Grow Smarter

2. Hugs Help Kids Grow

3. Hugs Keep Kids Healthy

4. Hugs Stop Temper Tantrums

5. Hugs Build Resiliance

6. Hugs Make Kids Happy

7. Hugs Help Child and Parent Bond

Saying “No” to Hugs Okay Too

Hugs nurture our bodies and express love and support, but body autonomy is also important. Be sure to teach kids how to kindly refuse a hug. Asking permission before hugging and making sure that saying “no” is acceptable builds the foundation for understanding consent.

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The Health Benefits of Hugging

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2 thoughts on “The Powerful Health Benefits of a Hug

  1. Oh, Yeah! Hugs are wonderful!
    I do pet therapy with my dogs, and see the benefits of positive touch every time we go. The benefits are almost instantaneous.

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