Parents: What Your Kids Really Want You To Do/Say At Their Sports Events

What should parents do and say at their kid’s sports events to show their love and support? In this video, kids tell parents exactly how they feel and what they wish their parents would do. And their feedback may surprise you.

What Should Parents Say/Do at Their Kids Events?

My 12-year-old daughter joined the middle school volleyball team this year. At the fall sports parent meeting, the coaches shared this awesome video by What a great reminder of how to best support our kids as they play sports. 

Advice from Kids to Parents:

  1. “Don’t say anything if I play bad.”
  2. “Don’t cheer so loud. I’m trying to focus.”
  3. “Please don’t give coaching tips. I have a coach for that.”
  4. “I don’t like it when my parents put more pressure on me because I’m already putting a lot of pressure on myself.”
  5. “Please just let me play.”
  6. “I love it when I look up and you smile and give me a thumbs up. When you say, you did great! You’ll get them next time. “
  7. “I love it when you say, I love to watch you play.”
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In conclusion, kids simply want their parents to love watching them play, to smile, to avoid adding additional pressure on an already stressful situation. What great advice from kids that will improve everyone’s experience at games.

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