Pandemic Parenting Daily Checklist

Checklist for Pandemic Parenting including, Time for school and work, time for play, time alone or quiet time, time for exercise, time for gratitude, time for laughter, loads of deep breaths

Parenting during a pandemic wasn’t on any of our radar screens a few months ago. We are now in week five of social distancing and home quarantine due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  My family has fallen into a regular routine, and each day seems to blend with the next.  I’ve noticed a few things that help to make our days more positive, such as carving out time alone, exercising (even a little bit), and remembering to be grateful and laugh.

Some days I encourage my family to do the things on this checklist. Other days I just try to do them myself. Either way, there’s a positive ripple effect in our home. Many thanks to the healthcare workers, teachers, grocery clerks, delivery drivers, and other courageous people that have kept our world moving forward during these difficult months.

This is a crazy, challenging time. Go easy on yourself and others. As said by researcher and author Brene Brown, “Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.” Take care, breathe deeply, and laugh when you can. Like everything, this too shall pass.

Additional Resources on Parenting during a Pandemic

For more insights on pandemic parenting, check out this resource from NPR. In March 2020, NPR’s Life Kit team put together this guide to help parents.  This article by offers additional tips to help you and your kids explore and manage emotions, address fears, set up a daily routine, use positive discipline and most importantly, take care of you.

Wishing you moments of joy and peace….take care.

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