Talking to Kids about Consent

Helping Kids Understand Consent

As a parent, I’ve tried to cultivate a home that encourages open, honest discussion about all topics. I keep my responses appropriate for my kid’s age and stage of development, but I welcome questions and often bring up topics that are important to understand.

Several years ago, we started talking about consent. Recent news stories make it really easy to revisit this conversation.

Helping kids understand the concept of consent can be tricky. I found this video by Blue Seat Studios really helpful for starting the discussion with younger children.

Common Sense Media also offers guidance on how to talk with tweens and teens.

Older teens tend to be ready for more information and I’ve found they appreciate the humor in this video:

As a parent, you know your child best and what type of information and conversation they are ready for. I encourage you to start the discussion if you haven’t already. Please share any other resources you have found helpful on the subject of helping kids understand consent!

Additional resources:

Kidpower is a child-safety organization that provides training and resources for schools to talk about abuse, consent, and other safety-related issues.

The Center for Supportive Schools is a New Jersey-based nonprofit that trains peer educators to teach about healthy relationships.

The Talk Project  is a free peer-to-peer sexual violence awareness program for high school students in Los Angeles.

Answer is a center at Rutgers University that provides sex education, training and resources for teens.

Blue Seat Studios is the source of the famous “consent is like tea” and other videos that explain consent.

AMAZE is another video education project that includes videos on healthy relationships that are suitable for tweens and teens.

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Author and Advocate for Kids and Families

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