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Jessica Speer is the award-winning author of BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends)? A Girl’s Guide to Happy Friendships and Middle School – Safety Goggles Advised. Her work and writing explore the tricky social stuff that peaks during adolescence.

Middle School – Safety Goggles Advised


Cover of the book Middle School - Safety Goggles Advised

Book Summary: Yes, there are cool things about middle school, like more independence, new friends, and new activities. But there’s baffling stuff too, like harsh judgment, the whole “popularity” thing, and, of course, drama. With fun illustrations and choose-your-own-adventure-style scenarios, this book will help you deal with the drama and define who you are when things get, well, weird.

BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends)? A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships

Cover of BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends) A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships

Book Summary: Packed with fun quizzes, colorful illustrations, and stories about girls just like you, BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends)? A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships is the ultimate interactive guidebook to help readers learn the ins and outs of friendship. Explore topics such as gossip, drama, and feeling left out, along with ways to strengthen the friendships that mean the most to you.

Jessica Speer’s Latest Blog Posts

Navigating Middle School- Feeling Judged or Fearing Judgement by Peers

Judgment in Middle School

While researching my second book, Middle School – Safety Goggles Advised, I visited 7th-grade classrooms and asked students about their middle school social experience.  In comment after comment, students shared that “judgment” by peers is especially hard. Snide looks and rude remarks by some students contributed to feelings of self-consciousness. One student shared, “I feelContinue reading “Judgment in Middle School”

Friendship Truth #9

BFF or NRF Friendship Truth #9

Over the past year, I’ve been sharing posts about the Friendship Truths from BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends)? A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships. These truths normalize everyday experiences and help preteens, teens, and adults navigate relationships. Here’s the final post in this series, Friendship Truth #9. Friendship Truth #9: You Choose Which ofContinue reading “BFF or NRF Friendship Truth #9”

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