Jessica Speer is a children’s author and speaker. Her latest book, BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends), grew out of an innovative program she developed that empowers children with the awareness and skills to develop healthy relationships.

Snitching vs. Reporting – Helping Kids Understand the Difference to Keep Themselves and Others Safe

By middle school, snitching has become socially unacceptable. Because of this stigma, older students may be afraid to report real trouble. Fear of being seen as a snitch peaks just as dangerous and inappropriate behaviors (bullying, sexual harassment, and threats of violence) are on the rise…

Finding Balance at Home with Tweens, Phones and Devices

Almost a year ago, when my daughter turned 12, she received an old iPhone for her birthday. She wanted to start babysitting, so a phone would be helpful. And most of the kids in her grade had phones already, so that pressure lingered too.

I was a little nervous about the effect the phone would have on her. I’ve seen many kids turn into phone zombies and disconnect from their families. So I did some research to put some family device norms in place.