Five Ways to Stay Connected to Your Tween or Teen

Despite their increased desire for independence and privacy, tweens and teens need their parents support as much as ever. But how can parents stay connected between all of the eye rolls, closed doors and one word answers?

Four Relationship Skills that are Important for Families (That are Not Taught in School)

There’s scientific evidence that healthy relationships are foundational to a healthy life. But in childhood or as a young adult did you ever learn the skills that lead to healthy relationships? Me neither…

Family Dinner Topic – What Would You Like Our Family to do More?

What I love most about my family’s weekly dinner topics is that I always learn something unexpected. And that something helps me better understand and connect with the people I love more than anything in the world.
The other night, I asked this question: What would you like our family to do more?

Family Dinner Topic: What About Our Family Makes You Want to Come Home?

Dinnertime has grown into an important ritual at our house. We’ve made it a priority to eat together, as a family, as much as possible since my daughters were little. When the four of us gather around the table, we share the best and hardest parts of the day, dreams, laughs and sometimes tears. Occasionally,Continue reading “Family Dinner Topic: What About Our Family Makes You Want to Come Home?”

The Only Thing You Can Control is Yourself, But That is Incredibly Powerful

We all have relationships that are challenging at times. Maybe it’s with our partner, our child, a co-worker or a relative. When relationships are tough, we tend to think, “If only they would ___________ , things would be better.” Ahhh, if only we could change other people. Life would be so much easier, right? WellContinue reading “The Only Thing You Can Control is Yourself, But That is Incredibly Powerful”

Curb Back-to-School Craziness by Starting “Agile” Family Meetings

Even when I think I have my ducks in a row, the beginning of a new school year feels crazy. My plan to get the kids to bed at a decent hour the last weekend of summer never happened. Since my kids are half asleep, we can’t seem to get out the door on time.Continue reading “Curb Back-to-School Craziness by Starting “Agile” Family Meetings”