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Curriculum Kit for Schools & Groups

The Project Friendships Kit is designed for schools and groups to share the effective framework that inspired the book “BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends).” The curriculum helps girls and boys, ages 8-12, navigate their social world with more skill and awareness. Interactive group activities, quizzes and handouts engage kids while teaching healthy relationship skills and how to manage struggles.


Children with positive friendships perform better in school, have more confidence and stronger self-esteem. But because children develop social skills at different paces, friendships can be painful and confusing, especially in elementary and middle school.

The Project Friendships Kit is a low-cost way for schools and groups to offer the effective curriculum that inspired the book, BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends)? Girls Guide to Happy Friendships. Downloadable files and easy to follow instructions enable school counselors, teachers, group leaders or parent volunteers to lead programs with groups of kids. The kit can be used for boys, girls or mixed gender groups.

Curriculum Kits include the following downloadable files:

Schools and groups may adjust lessons as needed to accomodate the needs and timing of groups. The only curriculum requirements are:

  • Create a Supportive Space: Program leaders delivering curriculum should lead without judgment, foster a welcoming environment and accept kids as they are. Ideally program leaders create a supportive space that encourages positive behaviors and individual growth.
  • Offer Program for Free: Project Friendships should be offered at no cost to encourage participation. Schools and groups may not charge a fee to participate.
  • Copyright: Schools and community groups may repeatedly use the Project Friendships kit they purchase for their school or group. Kits may not be shared with other schools, across school districts or with other groups.