To be Published in 2020 by Familius

BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends) Book Cover

(Final Book Cover to be Revealed in 2020)

Let’s face it, friendships can be challenging. Most girls, as well as their mothers, friends and teachers have strong memories of social struggles. BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends)? Girls Guide to Happy Friendships tackles friendship struggles head-on, leaving readers (ages 8-12) informed and empowered as they navigate the tricky world of friendship.

Using an effective framework , BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends) helps girls decipher healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and how to navigate struggles. But more importantly, the book gives girls a new perspective on friendship using real stories and practical tools.


“Many girls struggle with friendship issues in elementary and middle school. This book provides a clear roadmap for girls to successfully navigate difficult friendships while helping them gain social awareness, skills and confidence in the process.” – Dr. Cherylee E. Hirsch, Psy.D., School Psychologist

Girls Guide to Happy Friendships touches on all aspects and themes of positive friendships. I recommend this book for all girls.” – Aurora Sidell, Elementary School Teacher

“I really loved this book! It helped me understand my friendships a lot better. The quizzes and activities are really fun. I like all the stories about other girls too. I realized that lots of girls have friendship struggles, not just me.”  – Gigi (Age 10)

“I loved this book! The real-life scenarios really helped. I feel more experienced in friendships after reading this book. Thank you!Lyla (Age 11)

To be Published in 2021 by Familius

Cover of book with title "Dissecting Middle School" by Jessica Speer

Middle school triggers feelings of comfort and joy, right?  Um, not really. Middle school is a repository of awkward moments and weird behaviors. Have you ever wondered why are so many kids trying to be cool and chasing popularity? Why there so much judgment about what people do, say and wear? And what’s up with all the drama, cliques and crushes?

Dissecting Middle School – A Look into the Weird Stuff that Happens and Why tackles baffling behaviors head-on, leaving readers informed and empowered as they navigate the halls of middle school. Through the voices and wisdom of students and a dash of science, this book explores how to deal and stay true to yourself despite it all.