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Mean or Bullying Behavior? Helping Kids Understand the Difference

I’ve found that many kids have a hard time differentiating between bullying and mean behavior. Understanding this difference helps kids know how to navigate each situation...

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What if the Point of Parenting, and All Relationships, is Really About Growth?

There are several parenting lessons I wish I’d figured out earlier. For instance, how to navigate toddler tantrums and help my daughter work through anger in a healthy way.  I figured out that lesson about three years later than I wish I had...

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Six Tips to Create a Home Where “The Talk” with Your Kids is Not Awkward (Or At Least A Lot Less Awkward)

After a quick poll of my friends, I couldn’t find any with positive memories of “The Talk” with their parents when they were kids. Instead, I found knowledge about human reproduction was gathered in a variety of ways, including: the 5th grade school talk,  details gathered from friends (often incorrect), books left discretely on bedside tables, movies, adult magazines, etc. Needless to say, family conversations about changing bodies, reproduction and sexual health were rare and uncomfortable for my generation.

Family Dinner

Family Dinner Topic: What Inspires You?

Have you ever noticed how people light up when they talk about something they’re passionate about? Our passions energize and inspire us. They define who we are. At dinner the other night, I asked this question to learn more about my family’s passions: What Inspires You?

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Finding Balance at Home with Tweens, Phones and Devices

Almost a year ago, when my daughter turned 12, she received an old iPhone for her birthday. She wanted to start babysitting, so a phone would be helpful. And most of the kids in her grade had phones already, so that pressure lingered too. I was a little nervous about the effect the phone would have on her. I’ve seen many kids turn into phone zombies and disconnect from their families. So I did some research to put some family device norms in place.

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The Value of Boy-Girl Friendships

As my daughters have progressed through elementary school and into middle school, it’s been interesting to observe the changing social norms of boy-girl friendships. Some years, these friendships were natural. Boys were invited to birthday parties and over to play. Other years, that was no longer okay. Invite lists included only girls, school lunch tables were mostly divided by gender as were games on recess.

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Simply Starting With “I” Instead of “You” Changes the Whole Conversation

Quick Quiz: Which of these statements would you rather have said to you? “You need to help out more. I’ve been doing all the work around here lately.” “I feel overwhelmed lately by all of the work I’ve been doing around here. Can we talk about that?”