Family Dinner Topic: What Inspires You?

Have you ever noticed how people light up when they talk about something they’re passionate about? Our passions energize and inspire us. They define who we are.

At dinner the other night, I asked this question to learn more about my family’s passions:

What Inspires You?

To help my kids understand, I added:

What are you really curious about? What do you love doing?

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My older daughter knew right away. “I love helping the environment and learning about trees…and singing, music and creative stuff.” I noticed her sit up a little taller and smile.

Then my younger daughter added, “I love making art and writing. I really like volleyball and math too.”

My husband shared that he loves to build things and work on house remodeling projects. (I know, I’m really lucky!) He couldn’t think of anything else until my kids reminded him of his other passions including cars, tires, skiing and mountain biking. This left him smiling too.

My kids knew that I’m passionate about healthy relationships and communication. I added my interests in mindfulness, yoga, writing, hiking and learning about the brain.

Our conversation grew into the need to make space in our lives to cultivate our passions, which can be challenging with the demands of work and school.

Do you know what your family members are passionate about?

I hope this dinner conversation inspires you as it did my family… And encourages all of us to make more time for our passions.

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