Family Dinner

Family Dinner Topic: What Do You Enjoy Most About the Holidays?

Text that reads: Family Dinner Topic- What do you enjoy most about the holidays?

The anticipation of gifts is so exciting for kids, it can easily overshadow other special holiday traditions. So last night at dinner we talked about what else we really enjoy about the holidays.

This discussion shed some light on other meaningful traditions and observations that my family has grown to cherish.  Here are just a few comments that were shared around our table:

  • I love getting out the Christmas boxes and decorating our house
  • I love seeing all the lights around town
  • I love that everybody’s in a good mood
  • I love the increased focus on giving
  • I love opening our advent calendar each morning in December
  • I love all the extra family time

One thing I especially love about Christmas day is that the world slows down. Many businesses close, school’s out, people gather and simply focus on being together.

I wish you and your family a holiday filled with peace and connection…and time to enjoy what’s important to you.

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