Mean Girl Behavior Isn’t Just a Girl Thing – How to Help Boys Manage Toxic Relationships

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Mean girl behavior, or relational aggression, isn’t just a girl thing. Boys also experience these painful social interactions and may not even realize it’s a form of bullying. Relational aggression typically includes exclusion and manipulation rather than physical attacks. It’s a covert form of bullying used to damage the reputation of another or harm that child’s relationships with others.

And just like girls, boys often experience anxiety, depression and low self-esteem when they are a target. This recent article in the Washington Post, “Mean boys are a thing, too. Here’s how to help your son manage toxic relationships,” sheds some much needed light on this subject and how to help boys navigate.  Please feel free to share to with teachers and parents that might find this article helpful!

Published by Jessica Speer, Author

Author and Advocate for Kids and Families

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