Family Dinner Topic – What Would You Like Our Family to do More?

Family Dinner Topic - What would you like our family to do more

What I love most about my family’s weekly dinner topics is that I always learn something unexpected. And that something helps me better understand and connect with the people I love more than anything in the world.

The other night, I asked this question: What would you like our family to do more?

This discussion took us places I never expected and inspired ideas we’re all excited about. I better mention that I had to set a few ground rules as follows:

  • No new pets:)
  • No additional family vacations since it’s not in the budget

Without hesitation, one daughter suggested she’d love our family to grow a bigger, better garden. We have a sandbox-sized vegetable garden in our backyard that my kids love. And she’s 100% right, we could really use a bigger, better garden. Everyone loved this idea. We even talked about building a small greenhouse together next summer.

My other daughter suggested we schedule one night a week for a family movie or game night. We watch movies quite a bit as a family, but she’d like to make it more official. A regularly scheduled family event with popcorn, PJs and a purpose.  Love it!

My husband would like us to do more camping. We tend to start summer with great intentions to camp a bunch, but then only go a few times. My family loves to camp, so we’re going to make of goal of camping more next summer.

For me, I loved all of these ideas so I seconded them. I’ll be sure to do my part to make them happen.

Sitting around the table sharing ideas for our family was inspiring. Dinner lasted longer than usual and we all left excited to bring our ideas to life. If you have this discussion with your family, I’d love to hear how it goes!

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  1. Love this! Both what you shared and the ideas. I am inspired to ask this question tonight at dinner. Thank you, Jessica!

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