The Only Thing You Can Control is Yourself, But That is Incredibly Powerful

The only thing you can control is yourself

We all have relationships that are challenging at times. Maybe it’s with our partner, our child, a co-worker or a relative. When relationships are tough, we tend to think, “If only they would ___________ , things would be better.”

Ahhh, if only we could change other people. Life would be so much easier, right?

Well actually, we control how we respond in tough situations and this choice can be powerful.

Think of a one your relationships that can be challenging. Now, think of how you usually respond when things get difficult in this relationship? What do you say or not say? What do you do or not do?

Do you like how you respond?

If not, how might you respond in a way that shares your best self instead?

I’ve been practicing this lately and the results have been amazing. When I feel triggered by something or someone, I pause and try to ground myself instead of reacting. Then, with a level head, I choose how to respond.  I’ve noticed that when I stay grounded in these moments, the outcome shifts.

Responding with intention instead of simply reacting is powerful. Not only will you feel the change, those around you will too.

I welcome your comments!

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Published by Jessica Speer, Author

Author and Advocate for Kids and Families

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